Topic 2 – Rules on a secondary examiner

Smiling Driving instructor and woman student in examination car. Learner driver student driving car with the instructor. Driving test. Young smiling woman driving car feeling inexperienced, looking nervous at the road traffic for information to make appropriate decisions. Senior Man is an instructor, controlling and checking while holding a clipboard.

Rules on a secondary examiner

The lesson plan is agreed between ADI and learner and the lesson begins but during the lesson there is a need to pull over and have a discussion as the learner didn’t deal with a situation as well as they should have done. After a chat, it is agreed that a different lesson plan would be more beneficial for the remainder of that lesson, based on what has just happened.

Have the confidence to change the lesson plan during your standards check where there is a clear need that will benefit the learner and general road safety. If you don’t take appropriate action and reprioritise where needed, issues can arise where a clear message is given to the learner that a situation isn’t that important when actually it is, and the problem gets swept under the carpet, plus the ADI cannot maximise the learning opportunity that has arisen with the learner in terms of does the learner know what happened? Are they likely to make the same error again? Will they recognise a similar situation in the future and deal with it appropriately?

If the ADI doesn’t change the lesson plan and reprioritise where there is a clear need to do this, it would reflect in their grade.  

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