Lesson 7 – Topic 1: The Result

A plus (A+) grade written in red pen on notebook paper with the pen sitting there.

The Result

Once your standard check is over, the examiner will ask you to join them in the test centre in a few minutes time. In the meantime, they will complete their paperwork and give you a grade.

As we saw earlier on, you will receive a Grade A, B or Fail depending on the points you have out of 51 and also how you performed with the section relating to risk management.

The points scoring is as follows:

43-51 points – a high standard of instruction and you will stay on the register. 

31-42 points – you will stay on the ADI register. 

0-30 – unsatisfactory performance. 


If you fail, you will have up to 2 more attempts to pass. If you fail 3 times then you will be removed from the ADI register and if you want to continue working as an ADI, you’ll need to apply for and pass each qualifying exam again.

You can appeal if you feel that the examiner did not follow regulations when they assessed you and as any other test, the result will not be changed, but if your appeal is successful, you may be allowed to take another standards check to prove your competence and remain on the register.

In England and Wales you have up to 6 months to appeal and just 21 days if you live in Scotland. The appeals process can be found at www.gov.uk/adi-standards-check/your-standards-check-grade

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