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The following information will help you prepare for our Fleet Training course. We would strongly recommend reviewing the links below before attending the course. The theory test will have questions relating to these sites and instructors may refer to them through the course. You will need to have a sound understanding of the publications; the Highway Code and Driving the Essential Skills, as the theory tests will contain questions from these.

We would also recommend taking our mock theory test before attending the course. The mock test is a shortened version of the actual fleet theory test just to give you a flavour of the type of questions to expect. As they are different questions from the actual theory test, you can do it as many times as you like and research the answers.

GOV.UK - Become a fleet driver trainer

This page will take you through the process of becoming a fleet trainer, you may have already reviewed this page before when deciding to become a fleet trainer but it is important to be comfortable with the whole process.

GOV.UK - Highways England

Highways England operates, maintains and improves England’s motorways and major A roads. This site contains information on traffic updates and charges, planning and infrastructure taking place, traffic and road management and the transportation of goods. It is highly likely that your trainees will use these roads on a daily basis. As a fleet trainer you should be able to explain the benefits of the site and encourage them to use it to better plan their routes.


The Department for Transport (DfT) site also another good site to obtain information on what is happening out on the roads. Your trainees may be professional drivers who spend a high percentage of their time out on the road so it is important to encourage them to keep up to date with news and updates.

HSE - Driving for work

The page briefly covers the benefits of better management of work related road safety and what the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) wants to achieve. There are also links to other useful resources and sites which you may find beneficial.

HSE Document

This document is designed for employers that have employees who drive or ride a motorcycle at work, it is also useful for the employees and those who are responsible for fleet management. Health and safety law applies to work activities on the road the same way it does to all other work activities. As a fleet trainer you need to have an understanding of the Health and Safety implications that will affect your trainees. The document will cover the appropriate laws, how to manage work related road safety, assessing risks on the road and a checklist.

HSE Guide

This guide is split into the following three main areas: Safe Site, Safe Vehicles and Safe Driver. It includes advice on general legal duties, health and safety management, and the risks associated with workplace transport.

HSE - Health and Safety at Work Act

This webpage reviews the Health and Safety at Work Act and looks at the law itself, the practical considerations and managing the risks. There will always be risks associated with driving which cannot be completely controlled. Employers have a responsibility to manage these risks and do everything, within reason, to protect people in harm. It is important as a fleet trainer to encourage your trainees to help identify these risks.

HSE - Road Safety

This site contains an overview of work related road safety with links to other web pages and documents. It also reiterates that everyone who uses the public highway must comply with road traffic legislation which is managed by the Department for Transport.

The Driving Hub

The Driving Hub website contains regular news articles related to driver training as well as some information on vulnerable road users. The site also offers a variety of courses and advisory resources for driver trainers supporting learners.


This webpage contains a whole range of resources to relating to road safety. There is no requirement to review all these resources before attending the fleet training course. However we would recommend looking through as there is a large amount of good resources available.

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Terms and Conditions

This course includes our COVID-19 Guarantee. If the course has to be cancelled due to COVID-19 we’ll transfer your place or issue a refund where necessary. 

If you cancel within seven days of booking we will refund the cost of the course. However, we cannot issue any refunds if you want to cancel anytime after this. We may need to cancel or postpone courses occasionally due to reasons beyond our control. The course date will go ahead even if there is just one attendee. If you plan to book overnight accommodation as part of this course, do ensure you book a refundable option in case the course date had to be changed, postponed or cancelled. The DIA is not responsible for any costs you may incur.

Terms and Conditions

By purchasing this product you agree that you have read and understood the requirements of the test that you are applying for.

Refund policy: Once a booking has been confirmed with a trainer directly for either a one-to-one standards check or mock test session you will need to give seven days notice to cancel, otherwise the fee will be lost and a new booking and payment will be required.

NOTE: For all training sessions and mock tests you and your trainer must wear a suitable face covering. Your trainer cannot provide one for you, trainers are only responsible for their own face covering and PPE protection. If a suitable face covering is not in place, your session will be cancelled and the fee will be lost. If you have a medical exception to wearing a face covering, this must be provided as proof of exemption to your Diamond trainer. You must demonstrate that your car has been cleaned, using anti-viral wipes to clean passenger handles inside and outside, the dashboard and any other touch points for the trainer. If your vehicle is not fit for purpose your session will be cancelled and the fee will be lost.

Candidates should not attend a training session or mock test if they are feeling unwell, particularly if they identify core symptoms associated with COVID-19 (such as a persistent cough or fever). We ask candidates to notify the DIA of any possible exposure to, or diagnosis of, coronavirus as soon as possible. If you are unable to take a test due to a COVID-19 diagnosis or possible symptoms, your session will be postponed without losing your fee and you will not be permitted to rearrange your standards check session or mock test within the next 14 days following the cancellation.

Once you have paid for your standards check session and/or mock test,  your details will be forwarded to your nominated Diamond trainer local to you, who will be in touch with you within 48 hours (Monday-Friday) with a view to booking you in at a mutually convenient location, date and time. Some flexibility will be required in terms of location, taking into account trainer availability at regional level and where restrictions with COVID-19 may be taking place. Your Diamond trainer will make arrangements to meet via text, email or telephone. We do not have specific meeting locations and your Diamond trainer will discuss any other queries with you once your booking has been made online.

You will need to use your own vehicle for the standards check session and mock test, which is suitable for training and allows for your Diamond trainer to role play a suitable candidate, with the relevant insurance in place to allow for this. All Diamond trainers are qualified ADIs with a Diamond examiner qualification in place. You will need to show relevant insurance cover to your Diamond trainer, either before or on the day of your agreed booking date and time. The vehicle you supply must be both roadworthy and legal for the purposes of the standards check session and mock test and your session will be cancelled if you do not present a suitable car with the relevant insurance. If you are more than 15 minutes late to your standards check or mock test session you will lose your booking and the fee will need to be paid again.

You will be asked to read a number plate at the required distance, full details can be found at www.gov.uk/driving-eyesight-rules. Your standards check or mock test session will be cancelled if you cannot reach these requirements. You will need a current and valid driving licence which will be checked by your trainer should you need to drive as part of your standards check or mock test.

Online classes

To attend the Zoom sessions you will need a PC, laptop or tablet that can run Zoom and must also have a camera and microphone so you are able to participate fully in the sessions. You are responsible for ensuring you can access and navigate zoom and that you have a strong enough internet connection. If you cannot join the session due to technical difficulties, we cannot guarantee that you will be moved to another session. Session dates are subject to change.

During this course you will be placed into small ‘live’ discussion groups and will need to converse. Please be aware of how to mute and unmute your microphone for the general discussions that will also be taking place.