Mindfulness and Compassion in Driver and Rider Training

The course will provide scientifically proven information and practices to help you understand what practicing Mindfulness really means, as well as practical tools to help support you to feel more resilient and resourced, not only as an ADI but also in life generally.


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Accredited six week course 

1.5 Hourly sessions

Live online learning in a small group

Course Dates: Wednesday 9th June - Wednesday 14th July

One session per week for six weeks. Wednesdays – 19.00-20.30

San Harper is a practising Grade A ADI and MindfulnessUK trained teacher who specialises in Mindfulness and Compassion in Driver Training.  San not only teaches Mindfulness and Compassion, it has permeated every aspect of her life from using a mindfulness based approach to her driver training to devising and delivering Mindfulness courses for corporate global teams online.  San is also an active member of the Mindfulness Initiative which is a think tank for Mindfulness interventions from the workplace to schools.  San has built relationships with some of the country’s leading experts in the fields of Mindfulness in Schools as well as Mindfulness in Road Safety and we are delighted to be working with her to bring you the science based facts as well as practical tools to enable you to learn skills and develop a mindfulness based approach to being an ADI.

The DIA has teamed up with San to offer 10 of our members a six week course in Mindfulness and Compassion in Driver and Rider Training. 

Some of the challenges of being an ADI will be addressed on the course and will also include:

Exploring neuroscience and brain chemistry to help us understand the behaviour of others. Understanding the full range of emotions and what’s really going on under the bonnet (the brain). By developing our understanding, we can find new ways to support our pupils and ourselves.

Learning what it is and how to do it.  Dispelling myths and understanding the science.  Learning tools and practices to help support pupils but also learning when mindfulness based interventions are not appropriate.

listen.  Learning about somatic experience and how to recognise ours and our pupils physical responses to stress.

How the way we think affects how much we suffer. Learning how the connection between meditation and the ability to choose how we think actually works. 

Why it has to start with the self. Self compassion is a very powerful tool that actually allows us to be stronger and more supportive for other people. We learn how to cultivate self compassion in practical ways to enable us to support and teach others more effectively and avoid reaching overwhelm ourselves.

Each session will consist of a short grounding practice, group learning and a meditation. You will also learn how to integrate Mindfulness and Compassion into Driver and Rider Training and in every day life.

This course could be for you if you enjoy learning about science and psychology and like to understand the ‘how and the why’ of what you are learning and if you have a genuine interest in learning about how to practice Mindfulness and Meditation practices. 

*To attend the Zoom sessions you will need a PC, laptop or tablet that can run Zoom and must also have a camera and microphone so you are able to participate fully in the sessions. You are responsible for ensuring you can access and navigate zoom and that you have you have a strong enough internet connection. If you cannot join the session due to technical difficulties, we cannot guarantee that you will be moved to another session. 

**After booking you will be sent a short questionnaire which must be completed to confirm your place on the course.

***After booking your details and questionnaire will be shared with the course tutor, San Harper from the Guild of Mindful Driver Trainers. By enrolling on the course you consent to these details being shared. 

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