Drivers with Diverse Needs & Neurodiversity

This online course looks at the problems students with diverse needs or a neurodiversity condition face when learning to drive. The course will introduce you to common disabilities and conditions, some of which may be hidden, and discusses how to overcome them.



This short course will include an overview of the physical challenges some drivers face and how to overcome them. It will also include information on some of the hidden disabilities that we commonly come across when training people to drive. 


The aim of the course is to give you an introduction into drivers with diverse needs, looking at the physical challenges they may face and the impact of hidden disabilities. 

What you’ll learn:


19 single, multiple-choice or fill in the gaps questions

Time limits

There is no time limit for the quizzes on this course 

If you leave the test or close your browser window after starting the test your progress will not be saved. 

Required pass mark

There is no required pass mark for this course, as long as you work through all the lessons, topics and quizzes the certificate will be available for you to download at the end of the course. 

We recommend that you redo the quizzes until you have achieved 100% 

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