Diploma in Driver Education (DipDE)

Welcome to the Diploma in Driver Education, the DIA’s long-standing, industry-recognised qualification, popular with driver trainers.

This is a research-based, self-study qualification with unlimited tutorial support. Each award can be studied as a one-off course but to gain the Diploma you need to complete the four awards listed below, which cover various aspects of a driver trainer’s role. In addition, you will need to submit evidence that you have completed a teaching or coaching qualification. 

  • Award in Driving Theory 
  • Award in Business Knowledge  
  • Award in Vehicle Knowledge 
  • Award in ADI Knowledge 
For each award you will be sent an overview document with recommended reading and your assignment sheet. The assignments will be made up of multiple choice and essay-style questions. You will also need to create presentations and lesson plans. Answers that are provided from different sources will need to be referenced on your assignment sheet. 
In addition, you will need to submit evidence that you have successfully completed a teaching or coaching qualification such as the Award in Education and Training (AET) or BTEC in Coaching and written a reflective piece on the qualification. The teaching/coaching module can be completed with recognition of prior learning. To check an existing qualification can be used as recognised prior learning you will need to submit your teaching or coaching qualification for approval. 
To pass the Diploma you must achieve 90% in all four modules and will have two attempts to achieve this. You must also submit your teaching qualification and reflective piece. On completion you will be sent the Diploma certificate. 

Online modules available separately

  • £120.00

    The aim of this award is to develop your understanding of the role of an ADI, focusing on aspects like legal requirements and obligations, requirements of the driving test, vehicle documentation and...

  • £120.00

    The aim of this award is to develop your knowledge and understanding of running a business, focusing on aspects like financial obligations, business planning, price setting and marketing and social...

  • £120.00

    The aim of this award is to develop your knowledge of the theory of driving, focusing on aspects like journey planning, vulnerable road users, all weather driving and driver health.

  • £120.00

    The aim of this award is to develop and broaden your vehicle knowledge, focusing on aspects like vehicle roadworthiness and vehicle performance as well as new and existing vehicle technology.


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