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Applied Coach Approach

The DIA’s popular coaching course for driver and rider trainers that is now delivered online. The course will cover the important aspects of the role of a coach in driver and rider training. 

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Equality and Diversity Awareness

It is essential that as driver and rider trainers you have an understanding and awareness of what equality and diversity is. This online course will give you an overview of Equality a Diversity and how it might impact your training and conversations with your students. 

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Virtual Safeguarding

Safeguarding is a crucial role for anyone working with children, young people and/or vulnerable adults. This nationally-recognised, distance learning, FAA Level 3 Award qualification offers the tools to identify and protect people at risk of abuse or neglect.

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First Aid Awareness

This course is designed to give you a basic overview of first aid essentials. It will cover situations that you as a driver or rider trainer may encounter out on the road, during your lessons and in your personal lives. 

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Drink and Drug Awareness

The course will cover the reasons people misuse alcohol and drugs, the effect they have on the body, and a brief overview of the relevant legislation, penalties and licence endorsements. It also covers signs to look out for with your students.

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Drivers with Diverse Needs & Neurodiversity

This online course looks at the problems students with diverse needs or a neurodiversity condition face when learning to drive. The course will introduce you to common disabilities and conditions, some of which may be hidden, and discusses how to overcome them.

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DVLA Driver’s Medical

This online course will look at the DVLA’s driver's medical service, what the DVLA does and how its work contributes to keeping the roads safe. It will also cover the standards of vision for driving, what DVLA does when you inform them of a medical condition and an overview of section 88.

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Standards Check Essentials

This online course will help you prepare for an upcoming standards check. It covers what the DVSA is looking for and how the standards check will be graded. It will also cover what considerations to make when planning the session, tips for the day and additional resources to help you get the grade you want.

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Introduction to safeguarding

This online course acts as an introduction to the principles of safeguarding. It will cover safeguarding issues that you may come across as a driver trainer and how to deal with them as well as information on further resources and qualifications.

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