Rules for being an ATB

Fit and proper

You must be a fit and proper person to run a ATB. When making the decision DVSA will consider whether you have:


It is a DVSA requirement that all instructors at your ATB must have a valid instructor certificate for the type of training they deliver. This certificate must also show the name of your ATB.

At least one of the instructors at your ATB must have successfully completed the DVSA’s assessment course for motorcycle training. 

Instructors that have completed the DVSA course are allowed to train other trainers that you wish to appoint as instructors. 

You should have at least one DVSA assessed instructor for every 10 instructors that have been down trained. 


All ATBs must provide compulsory basic training (CBT). The CBT syllabus and guidance gives you more information on what must be provided.

Instructors are only allowed to supervise up to two trainees during on-road training tuition and instructors must be in radio contact with all trainees at all times during on-road tuition. 

Training sites

You cannot use a site until you’ve received authorisation from DVSA

Any site that you intend to use for the practical training and riding elements of the CBT must be approved by the DVSA. You will need to complete a compulsory basic training site application form and send this to the DVSA. 

The DVSA will:

The site report will detail strict rules associated with the site which you must follow. This will also include how many trainees are allowed on site. 

Your site’s authorisation can be removed if it becomes unsuitable. 

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