Driving Licence Checker

This lesson will provide you with how to’s, tips and guidance on how to generate a licence checking code on the GOV.UK website. It also contains information on how to use the code to check a pupils licence details. There are also useful phone numbers for the DVLA and information on what to do if a pupil or driver does not have a NI number.  

Generating a licence code 

If you take a pupil or driver out for a lesson, they will need to provide you with a licence checking code in order for you to be able to check their licence. This lesson covers how this can be done should the pupil or diver have any questions about the process. 

GOV.UK offers an online service for licence checking which allows people:

The licence check code will be available for 21 days, after this the code will expire and should they need someone else to view their licence details they will need to generate another code. 

To check the licence they will need:


To generate a licence checking code click on the link below and enter the required information mentioned above. Click on the generate code tab and the check code will be displayed.
Click Here

Check a pupil or drivers driving licence information

It is good practice and we would strongly recommend always checking a pupil or drivers driving licence before taking them out for a lesson or training session. The GOV.UK online service will allow you to check what vehicles they can drive, and if they have any penalty points or disqualifications on their licence. 

To check the licence you will need:

This code must be used within 21 days otherwise it will expire. You can also only use the code once, if you need to check the licence again you will need them to generate another code. 


To check the licence click on the link below and enter the required information mentioned above. The pupil or drivers licence details will then be displayed.
Click Here
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