Driving licence changes

We are pleased to promote the Department for Transport’s new driving instructor cycle awareness pilot, Cycle Savvy Driving. The training package has been developed by the Bikeability Trust working with the cycling and driving instructor organisations represented on the Department for Transport (DfT) ADI pilot working group, including ourselves, as well as many individual ADIs.

The driving instructor cycle awareness pilot addresses the current lack of cycle awareness learning resources for ADIs and learner drivers and provides resources ADIs can use for their own professional development and whilst teaching.

This evaluated pilot project seeks to recruit ADIs from between May and September 2021, and ADIs who register for the pilot will be randomly assigned into treatment or control groups, with both groups providing valuable feedback for the pilot project.

The Bikeability Trust’s Head of Development Benjamin Smith will present about the project and answer questions.

In this webinar Howard and Tom will be looking at some of the supplemental changes to driving licence information, updated in May this year and suitable for all driver trainers.

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