Drink and Drug Awareness

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The course acts as an introduction to drink and drug awareness for driver or rider trainers.

The course will cover the reasons people misuse alcohol and drugs, the effect they have on the body, and a brief overview of the relevant legislation, penalties and licence endorsements. It also covers signs to look out for with your students.

There is no assessment for this course but there are some quizzes for you to test your knowledge.

You can do the quizzes as many times as you like but we recommend achieving 100% to finish the course. 

We also offer a one-day certified classroom-based course on drink and drug awareness. The course will give you more know-how, confidence to say the right thing and how to deal with difficult conversations with your pupils. It will also go into more detail on all the subjects covered in this course. 

What you’ll learn:


35 single, multiple choice and sorting questions

Time limits

There is no time limit for the quizzes on this course 

If you leave the quiz or close your browser window after starting the test your progress will not be saved. However any time you used will be reflected in the time you have left once you return to the course. Because of this if you start a quiz make sure you have enough time to complete all the questions. 

Required pass mark

There is no pass mark for this course, once you have completed the course the certificate will be available to download

We do recommend that you redo the quizzes until you achieve 100% before finishing the course.

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