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This course is an overview of the standards check from general standards check information, how best to prepare and what is expected of you on the day, plus lots of other useful information along the way.

The course is split into lessons, some of which may be broken down into topics depending on the amount of content. There will be quizzes throughout the course and these may be single, multiple choice, essay or fill in the gaps answers. 


Because of COVID-19 the DVSA has introduced new procedures for the Standards Check . Follow the link below to the NASP website for more information. 

We are now running a virtual classroom Standards Check series. 

These interactive virtual classroom sessions will focus on Standards Check preparation, lesson planning, risk management and different teaching and learning strategies. The sessions will give you the opportunity to discuss your Standards Check with the DIA’s experienced trainers and your peers. Follow the link below for more information. 


The aim of the course is to help you better prepare for your upcoming standards check by breaking down what the examiner will be looking for, providing additional information you may not be aware of and looking at other factors that may influence things on or before the big day. 

 What you’ll learn


40 multiple-choice questions

Time limits

There is no time limit for the quizzes on this course 

Required pass mark

There is no required pass mark for this course, as long as you work through all the lessons, topics and quizzes the certificate will be available for you to download at the end of the course. 

We recommend that you redo the quizzes until you have achieved 100% 

The following is a list of recommended resource material. We have provided a combination of websites and publications for your information. Please note, this is not an exhaustive list, so feel free to research other resource materials. There are a lot of external links included in this course, they will be included in the relevant lesson but they are also listed below:


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