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Importance of mock tests with the DVSA

Tuesday 9 March – 11AM
In this webinar Olivia and Howard will be joined by John Caradine and John Sheridan from DVSA’s driver training policy team.

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Mindfulness Webinar – DIA Academy Free

Why Mindfulness is a superpower

Friday 5 March 2021 – 2.30PM
In the aftermath of the COVID-19 Pandemic, more and more people are suffering from mental health difficulties such as anxiety and depression.

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As a trainer you recognise the importance of developing your skills and knowledge – especially when you’re passing all that wisdom onto other learners. From the moment you start your training as an instructor, to 20 years plus in the game, there’s always something new we can learn to benefit us as a trainer – and to the benefit of our pupils. DIA Academy has been designed to help trainers fit some crucial professional development (how we like to see CPD!) into their busy lives. With a diverse range of courses and flexible online, classroom, and even in-vehicle training options, you can tailor learning to suit your need – and fit it in with your busy schedule as a trainer

It's time to start driving your professional development forward!

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